Friday, April 1, 2011


while in el dorado recently I noticed this great old sign on a building downtown:

the building now houses a printer by a different name so I was curious about what had once occupied the space...a little research online led me to this information regarding a filling for the trademark back in 1954, as well as this photo of the logo in use:

and then this 1956 popular science magazine article which really connected all the dots:

it was fun to track down the history behind the sign - I'm glad it was left up there so I could & I hope if it ever has to be taken down that it finds a good home.

{have a wonderful weekend!}


Mariana D. said...

There is really a print shop over there, the Butler County Printing, however the Traf-o-teria is up and running. They still make parking tickets for the whole country.

gina said...

oh wow - thanks for the info marianna!!

Krissy said...

Wow, that's interesting. I wonder how many of those fine boxes got ripped off. I love being a detective about this kind of stuff. I do it a lot on my vintage postcard and ephemera blog.