Monday, April 4, 2011

weekend recap

a cold + soup + embroidery + couch = weekend


Bluesistheteacher said...

it sounds very cozy anyway.

by the way, i've a three year old dog and i'm trying to teach how to stand a ball above his seemed impossible but i've just discovered you and your birthday upload and now i feel more confident, thankss!!!

Cakey(^-^*)/コンチャ! said...

Feel better soon x x x

Care said...

oh, kitties. the way they can sleep through it all with wild abandon makes me so jealous.

best wishes to you; hope you get feeling better soon!

Lisa said...

awww- those look like some good snuggles

gina said...

thanks for the get well wishes & comments :)

blueistheteacher - good luck! although to be honest the trick to getting my dog to wear stuff is headbands...he can tolerate them for short periods as long as there's a treat when he's done ;)