Saturday, January 25, 2014


I've taken quite a few photos during the time I wasn't blogging…so I've been collecting them so I can share them periodically.

one of the things I missed about blogging was having a place to share my photography - since it's just a hobby it's something I do purely for myself but I really enjoy it & am proud of myself when I get a good shot so it was nice to have a venue for it.

(I happened upon this beautiful old sign while on a quick trip to st. louis last summer with my mom & sister when they came to visit.)


Anonymous said...

I know that sign! So glad to see you back.

Martha said...

Love this photo! Actually, I love all of your photos, but I think the bowling related ones may be my favorites (both signs and interiors).

I made a crossword quilt using a font very similar to the BOWL in this sign, and name of the font was bowl-a-rama.