Saturday, November 26, 2011

I'm such a lucky girl!!

I'm day 67 of Jen's 365 lucky days project!

I am so flattered & honored by both the beautiful piece and the sweet things she wrote...from now on 67 will be my lucky number :)


Martha said...

You are a lucky girl, indeed, to be part of the blog-crush series. I'm pleased that Jen picked accordian-playing Gina to stitch -- the piece is wonderful.

Kellie said...

Gina! I've been visiting your darling blog for nearly a year now, and I never picked up the fact that you played the accordion, too! How could I have missed that! You are now in my book of completely awesome people=)

I adore this piece Jen made - I want to go make an accordion picture of my own now:) Congrats!


Cheryl G. said...

What fun!
That is adorable!
A honor indeed!

Puja said...

it lovely. simply awesome.

Michal מיכל said...

This is so beautiful and inspiring! such a great honor :)

Anonymous said...