Sunday, November 27, 2011

giving thanks

I'm thankful for many things, chief among them my family & friends - whom I'm so happy to be living near now. I had the great pleasure to spend the thanksgiving holiday with one of those dear friends & her family this year.

it began with a beautiful invite:

the day was gorgeous, warm enough even for open doors:

the turkey was smoked all night & tasted incredible:

we gathered round the table to enjoy a delicious meal & good company:

by some miracle I even baked edible pumpkin cookies:

I played outside with a sweet little boy who picked out the prettiest leaves for me:

and I wore a vintage cardigan that reminded me of fall:

I hope you had a wonderful day too.


Charis said...

A lovely post & I adore your cardigan!

StampLadyKatie said...

I really like Antonio's place card. My grandma had a sweet gum tree and as kids we'd collect bags of the sweet gum balls. We never did anything with them and I'll bet I still have a bag in my basement! Very clever and so simple.