Friday, June 3, 2011

things that are making me happy right now

finally finding a place that makes good pizza then upon leaving finding a cool car parked next to me outside the restaurant:

finding things I want to say but wasn't sure how on pinterest:

finally taking the plunge & lightening my hair for the summer:

wearing new perfume:

watching this animated version of my friend’s latest book:

{have a wonderful weekend!}


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

I love your light hair - so pretty! The car is pretty fabulous, too.

mixette said...

Your hair is so cute! And that car is the perfect color.

Jo Lynn said...

Love your hair color! I should really lighten my hair for the summer. Oh I went to a photography seminar, the gentleman teaching reminded me of you. Love of vintage signs/letters and just how he worked his camera. His name is Gordon Wenzel. Learned some interesting things that day.

Cakey(^-^*)/コンチャ! said...

What a great car, just the job for cruising about in this nice weather! Especially if it means stopping off for some tasty pizza! Hair looks great! Nice and summery xxx

gina said...

thanks for the comments & hair compliments...I wish I could drive around my new hair in that car, the color was even better in person :)

Jo Lynn - I'll look up that photographer, thanks!