Thursday, June 2, 2011

help animals in joplin, mo

all the kibble raised today on will be donated to the animal relief effort in the tornado stricken town of joplin, mo...just click on the links below & answer the trivia question - right or wrong your answer donates kibble :)

{you can also sign up for a daily email reminder to donate everyday by doing the trivia challenge like I do}

p.s. the dog & cat say thanks :)


artisamc said...

what a great site! thanks so much for sharing. and i love the dog and cat photos! it's so cute seeing my cat strike the same sleeping pose, lol

punkychewster said...

aww! i'm going on this site everyday! thank you!

my husband and i were looking at all the homeless pets in joplin the other day and feeling so sorry for them. now we can do something!

i'm going to blog about it too!

Adie Andrews said...

The dog and the cat are so cute :D I think that everyone should reconsider the idea of helping homeless animals.

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Becky said...

I love that site. The daily trivia is fun too.