Tuesday, February 9, 2010

this just in...

we interrupt normally scheduled blogging for an emergency weather report - it snowed again & winter sucks.

but in an effort to not let it get the best of me I'm going to make a list of things I like about snow:

- it makes hot chocolate & soup taste even better
- it makes the dog happy {he likes to roll around & make snow dog angels}
- when it falls from the tree limbs it looks like powdered sugar
- wearing cute long johns makes me smile
- it makes the house feel cozy
- it makes me even more happy than usual to feed the birds & squirrels
- it will eventually melt :)

p.s. little dog update...he's doing great! last week he had his 8 week follow-up & he is 95% healed. which means he's back to normal activity, including playing in the snow :)


Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

So glad that your pup is feeling better!

mixette said...

Oh, I'm jealous of your beautiful frosty winter weather. We get almost no winter - bad for a girl who loves her vintage sweaters and coats.

Love how the cold brings out the frisky in dogs! So glad that your pup is doing well.

macati said...

your pictures are amazing... they illustrate very well what you wrote!!!! loved your post... every bit!!!
snow makes hugs feel warmer...

Miss Sews-it-all said...

Thank you for making me LAUGH as I am watching my husband clear the snow off the driveway (not the first time today and probably not the last). CABIN FEVER!

Mum in Bloom said...

Your pictures are so sweet :) Love the one of the snowy road. When I moved to Kansas from Canada I missed the snow (but not the cold) so much! We're having a snowy winter here this year & I'm loving every minute of it.

PS - You now have me hooked on vintage books & I must've picked up 20 today at a thrift shop - help!

Vivi said...

And it makes for some very lovely pictures - don't forget that one!

g said...

thanks everyone for your comments - I'm glad you enjoyed the photos & my list :)

I liked your additional good things about snow vivi & macati - they're both very true!

Mum in Bloom - I guess there's worse things to be hooked on than books but yeah, be careful I speak from experience when I say it can get out of hand pretty quick...good luck!

Neen said...

You may not be loving winter but your pictures sure do make me jealous. I'm currently experiencing a heat wave and my garden is all crispy and have water restrictions to be concerned about.

If that makes you feel any better about your wintery goodness.