Wednesday, November 4, 2009


lately, I find my thoughts often turn to pumpkin whoopie pies throughout the day...

source - {vegan} recipe


source & recipe


michelle said...


I'm michelle and I found your blog yesterday via True Up. I read every single entry.

I like you! I too share your thrifting, fabric and button-hording diseases. Right now my very large trunk is full of thriftery, as I face certain admonishment upon bringing even a fraction of it into my house.

You find some really incredible stuff while running around Kansas. I've got some pretty decent competition in the thrift store world here in Milwaukee, WI and somehow use that to justify visiting one of many local stores several times per week.

I'm getting my blog up and running, and I'm sure I'll be tracking back to doecdoe, if you don't mind!

kaitlin said...

um, yum? nom nom nom.