Wednesday, June 10, 2009

laugh books

couldn't pass up these great covers at a recent estate sale:

and wow - thank you all so much for your comments about the photos yesterday! it makes me very happy to know you enjoyed them :)


sewmuchfun4 said...

It must be so much fun to see the world through your eyes - I know I always get a smile from your blog. Although your men in sweaters posts from a couple weeks ago gave me a fright because my husband said they were way cool and I'm afraid he REALLY wants one!


Millie Motts said...

Oh, my! These are gorgeous! You must have the Estate Sale Radar that I someday hope to develop. :)

I think this is my first comment, but I wanted you to know how much I enjoy your blog...It's on my "Must Read" list first thing every workday.

Cheryl G. said...

I found your blog yesterday and love it so much I put a link to your site on my simple blog!

angie said...

wow these are really beautiful. if i were in yoru shoes i would of bought them too.

nice buy