Thursday, May 28, 2009

thursday = embroidery

I'm working on another large scale embroidery piece but dropped everything last weekend to make this pin for my friend wendi, using this pattern generously provided by barncat:

at about 4.5" its kind of too large to be worn as a pin though...oops! however, it looked pretty snazzy on her purse so I think we're okay :)

this week I thought I'd change things up a little bit and make the weekly vintage embroidery sample monogram related:

in total there are 3 frames & two {different sized} alphabets - just click on over to my flickr if you're interested.

happy stitching!


reilly said...

Ah, I love this! The pin you made and the awesome monogram frame! Thank you!

I really like your use of fabric, I'm always too lazy to do that. :]

Spencer said...

Love the pin! i want to start adding fabric to my embroidery!! thank you so much for the monogram frames i had been thinking of embroidering hankies for the past few days. now i can!!!

Muddlepud said...

Isn't that pretty! It has a very vintage-y look to it. Very sweet.

Martha said...

That pin is so sweet -- now I can't stop wondering about the new project.....a rug? headboard? chandelier? breadbox?