Friday, May 29, 2009

fake'in friday {& an announcement}

okay - so its taken me forever to get my act together but I think I'm ready to start selling prints of my photos on etsy :)

I still need to place an order for the prints {the above photo is of test prints I had made} I thought it might be fun to take preorders for specific photos that I might not have stocked normally. if you're interested here's the deal:

- go to my flickr photostream & copy the link for the photo{s} you're interested in. {hint - only pick photos with a doe-c-doe copyright watermark, anything else is not an original photo & therefore not mine to sell}
- convo me via etsy with that info and/or questions.

I'm willing to have pretty much any {copyrighted} photo printed but there may be exceptions...we'll just have to see.

each print will be $16 & shipping in the united states will be $4. to canada will be $5 and everywhere else will be $6. I think I will be able to safely ship 3 photos in one envelope for that flat shipping fee.

I will only be making 8x10 prints available...however, I'm setting them up with white around them so the actual image is about 5.25" x 7" so you could cut them down to fit a 5x7 frame if you wanted, like I did with the image of the thread in the white frame.

the deadline to preorder will be june 5th. you won't have to pay until the prints come in & I'm ready to ship them which will probably be around june 20th.

okay, there you go...end of announcement.

{have a great weekend!}


Casey said...

I sent you a convo on etsy but I don't know if it actually went to you because my computer went wonky. let me know if you didn't because I really want to make an order!

Martha said...

I'm so glad to hear this announcement, and I've placed my pre-order. This is very exciting!

Muddlepud said...

Cool! And very reasonable prices. Some day, if I ever have an Etsy store and bring in a little extra funds, I have a feeling it will be going right back out the door to Etsy sellers! ;)