Thursday, June 5, 2008

thursday = embroidery

Let's see...I don't have anything to share photo-wise today. I'm working on an embroidery project but its not finished yet - almost, but not quite. Maybe I'll be ready to share it next Thursday...

But there's lots of fun stuff going on right now over at feeling stitchy:

a new interview
a new embroidery website
a banner contest

So cool! {I love our little online embroidery community!}

And of course I have your weekly embroidery pattern:

I have to say cross-stitch is really growing on me...

I got this pattern last weekend when I went to visit my secret transfer source...otherwise known as The Button Lady around our house. She has the most fantastic button collection, so amazingly organized and beautiful you can't even imagine! She collects many different sewing related items as well, so we have lots of interests in common to talk about. I met her at an estate sale one day and she kindly offered to sell me some of the transfers she didn't want. About half of my library of transfers are thanks to her and that day that I left her house with a box of transfers & bags of buttons! We sat & talked for quite awhile Sunday & just had such a nice visit...its amazing to me all the nice people I have met just because of embroidery!


Anonymous said...

Over the years, I have enjoyed some good times with others through crafts.
I have lots of embroidery transfers from my great grand mother. One day I am going to get them out and do something with them.
Enjoy your stitching

AJ Bindel said...

Cross-stitch is really starting to grow on me too. I saw the *cutest* cross-stitch kits on Superbuzzy. I'd love to get one of those.

I really like these patterns you've posted. My BFF's name is Laura Wheeler. ;)