Friday, May 9, 2008

friday = misc.

As usual, I’m thrilled that it’s Friday!

We’ve got some fun plans for Saturday, which I’m really looking forward to.

And then on Sunday I will be calling mom to thank her for being so amazing & apologizing for not making her anything this year {bad daughter}. Here it is mother’s day & instead of getting something handmade she ends up knitting me a beautiful cardigan {good mom}:

Here are some other random photos for misc. Friday:

Have a great weekend!


Heather said...

gina- is that a pic of you in the cardigan? You have the prettiest lips, which I know sounds really dorky coming from a stranger on the internet, but it's true!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I was going to say the same thing, Heather! I am glad you said it first, lol. Lovely lips!

And what a gorgeous cardigan!

AJ Bindel said...

hahaha, we should start a non creepy g's lips fan club. How sweet of your mom to knit your a cardi! I have a yard tin-man too, but yours is much cuter than mine. :)

KR said...

Beautiful!!! :) And I have so longed for one of those tin men. especially now that we live so close to kansas :)

Berlinswhimsy said...

What a cute cardigan!! What pattern did your Mom use?

Now, after reading the previous comments, I guess I need to go back and look at your lips! ;-)

bettyninja said...

amazing cardigan mom!

Ms. G I love your random collection of photos here. They are just so cute! Little red shoes- I love 'em

Drewzel said...

Cardigan love! Cardigan love! yeah!!