Monday, January 7, 2008

monday = thrifted

Happy Monday – did you have a nice weekend? I was pretty busy and didn’t get as much done on my latest embroidery project as I would have liked…nor did we get the xmas decorations put away. I’m sad thinking about taking them down – its going to be so bare and drab without them up… I noticed the other day the people across the street still had their tree up and lit so I didn’t feel so bad. But I’m betting they took it down this weekend so we will be the last ones standing.

I had a thought over the weekend…Friday is not going to be pet day anymore. They don’t do enough to warrant their own day of the week. Their antics are amusing mostly just to us and they aren’t very active really, spending most of their days sleeping. Maybe Friday will just be a catch-all day without a theme – I think I can handle that. I will post photos of them on flickr though since they are pretty cute!

Now back to our regular broadcast schedule – today is thrift day and our object is an Enid Collins Owl Purse I got for $8 at an estate sale. I bought this with the idea that I would sell it since I don’t really need another purse {or another anything for that matter!} but its still hanging around. One of my goals for this year is trying to start selling things {both thrifted & made} on etsy or ebay…we’ll see if it pans out. Although I did resolve to start blogging and I did that!

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Patty said...

That purse is very cool!