Friday, December 16, 2011

out & about

{independence, mo}


karen said...

I used to go to the movies every Sunday afternoon at the Englewood. Englewood also had a donut shop on one of the corners that my dad went to on the occasional Saturday. Best donuts ever. And close by the theater a Ben Franklin. The basement of BF had all kinds of crafty goodness. My mother went there to get things for the Girl Scouts to craft. They also had stamped dresser sets and doilies and tea towels to embroider. And I think all of my Bobbsey Twins books came from the Englewood Ben Franklin. Also many of my grandmother's birthday and Christmas gifts came from that BF. Good memories. Thank you.

gina said...

so happy to have triggered such good memories for you karen :)

p.s. you might enjoy the photo I'm posting tomorrow...hint hint ;)

Anonymous said...

FYI : the Englewood management just announced the grand reopening on Christmas day!! Featuring a Cinemascope version of the Sound of Music. Great theater. I may pass on that movie though.