Monday, August 15, 2011

hometown food

I recently took a trip home to visit my family & attend my small town's yearly carnival. I didn't take photos like I usually do, just wasn't in the mood. what I was in the mood to do it seems was eat...a lot. and the few photos I did take were of some of the food I enjoyed.

my mom's meatballs:

fried dough {which is that big thing in the middle & totally different from funnel cake...which do I prefer? let's just say despite my sister announcing her new found love of funnel cake I did not disown her. but is was tempting}:

I didn't actually eat one of these cream puffs at aunt milly's restaurant & you can't really tell how big they were but trust me they were huge:

and least but certainly not last pizza & {chicken} wings:

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WatermelonBoats said...

Wow this looks so nice haha. I love reading your blog, you post interesting photos and topics :) Read mine if you want? I'm a 16 year old British girl, who loves reading, writing, photos, typical things really :)