Wednesday, August 17, 2011

hometown crafting

when all the girls in my family get together there is always eating, drinking & talking...and sometimes there is crafting.

this year we worked on a valentine's day table decoration for my sister mern...she had a dream & we came to call that dream the heart ocotopus...or heartopus.

she started gathering fabric & embellishments long ago for the project so that when we all sat down at the dining room table at mom's house it was covered in sequins, glitter, rhinestones & feathers and we were given our directions...make hearts, glitzy hearts the likes of which the world has never seen! and so we did:

here are a few closeups of ones we're not ashamed to have our names associated with {just kidding!}:



mern {she created the fabric by weaving ribbon}:



the next step was to figure out the placement & hanger material for each heart since they would hang from a big two layer heart {the bottom of which is unfinished in the photo below, it's red velvet and would be stuffed & have a white satin ribbon around it}:

see now where it got it's name ;)

there wasn't time to finish it before two of us left but there have been hilarious texts & emails flying back & forth detailing the foibles of the making of that big velvet heart...from the perspectives of 4 different people which has made it all the more interesting!

and we've already got next year's project in the works - a mural on sister cill's garage. I think we're all kind of relieved it won't involve sewing...


Guess Who said...

What an incredibly inspired, creative, delightful idea! And the execution ain't bad, either...

pepper said...

I love this! thinking of family christmas crafting now...
thanks so much for sharing!
Pepper x