Tuesday, July 12, 2011

go fly a kite

at the end of last summer I bought a kite on clearance at target for a couple bucks with the idea to use it as a template & skeleton for a patchwork kite...almost a year later I finally got around to doing it:

I used a damaged vintage quilt top I had thrifted & already cut into:

I just cut out the shape with a little extra to fold over, stitched that up then cut off the tabs from the original kite, attached them to the patchwork & reinserted the original plastic support rods:

for the tail I used some solder wire since it's so light but it was silver so I painted it white then tied on some little scrap bits for the bows:

to attach it to the kite I just shaped a little hook at the one end & slipped it into the tab at the bottom...so easy, I don't know why I put the whole project off for so long!


Unknown said...

So whimsical! I love it!

Sarah said...

I know this will not be a surprise, but holy cannoli, this makes me crazy! I love it, I want it, I would marry it. I must make one right this minute.

Katie said...

LOVE this. It's like a work of art!

Nicky said...

Wow! Nice kite. What a great idea. Thanks for the inspiration!

K said...

Oh my word! I absolutely LOVE this! I've got to try it myself!! Your are genius!

kristin said...

how adorable!! great idea g, such a cheerful wall hanging.

Unknown said...

So sweet and pretty.

Zane Wooder said...

One time my grandfather brought me a kite and I let the string go to the point where there was none left. It took a couple hours to bring the kite back. I had a good laugh but my grandfather wasn't to happy about it.

-Zane of ontario honey

Drachenbauer said...

is the kite flyable?
You sayd nothing about the Bridle string.

Anonymous said...

Genius...I was Trying To Figure Out How To Make It More 3 Dimensional!Thanks For Sharing!

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