Monday, November 29, 2010

at the museum

my sister is an art teacher...the kind of art teacher every kid wants because she is excited about it & makes learning about it fun. so the second thing we did after she & my mom arrived {the first was eat} was go to the art museum:

we were happily surprised to see a burchfield since we are from western new york & both went to buffalo state. in fact, my sister has taken several glass classes at the burchfield penney recently which has only intensified her interest in glass & which made the chihuly installations a highlight of our visit:

and considering what I had planned for us on black friday all that glass was kind of ironic...


Tonya said...

I hope your visit was a good one. I have a question: Who painted the fifth picture down (trees) and what is the title?


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Love your photos!

We have some pieces by Chihuly at my local museum, too, and I especially love this one:

Miss Kate said...

Got to love the WAM! That Edward Hopper painting is one of my favorites.

gina said...

I'm sorry Tonya I don't know the title or the artist of that piece...I should have been more careful & made notes, sorry.

glad you enjoyed the photos kitten's lost her mittens!

the wam & plane are a huge mural in the children's activity area Miss Kate - made me want to do something similar :)