Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a celebratory slideshow

as I previously mentioned, the external hard-drive that I kept all my work on malfunctioned so I sent it off to see about getting the data recovered. well, the bad news is I did lose a lot of stuff & but the good news is I didn't lose it all!

so, I can finally share with you the photos I was working on that fateful night, which I took at the blacktop car show held back in august in downtown wichita:

blacktop car show - wichita, ks - 2010 from g. on Vimeo.

it was really fun to to try my hand at photographing something different & I was lucky to have so many beautiful, shiny, colorful subjects all in one place :)

{I've created a set over on flickr for the individual photos}

p.s. if you find yourself in need of retrieving data I highly recommend drive savers - I did research online & they always came up as being the best and I can see why.

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