Friday, August 6, 2010

accordion album covers

I love a cheesy accordion album for instance this, this, this, this or omg this! but my favorite cover ever is this beautifully designed {I think} very not cheesy one:


I'll have to keep a lookout for a copy of my own when I'm out thrifting...although really I should probably be using that time to practice because now that I've learned the following songs we're moving into the minor and 7th row of buttons & man it's crazy over there!

{have a lovely weekend!}

p.s. next week I'm going to be sharing a week of out & about photos that never made it to the blog for some reason...the thursday vintage embroidery pattern feature will return the following week.


bookwormbethie said...

your accordian playing is soooooooooo wonderful! keep up the good work!

Katie said...

I love the changing backdrops for your performances!

Vivi said...

I was just admiring the coolness of the accordion when I noticed today that the new "Mad Men Me" online avatar thingy allows you to pick the accordion as one of your props. Neat, huh? :)