Tuesday, July 6, 2010

good looking but unreliable

I admit it, I fell for him the minute I saw him. and I thought things were going really well...I made sure to spend time with him every day but one day he just wasn't the same & he went away. we were only separated for a short time before he came back & things were better than ever though. I thought we'd be okay. but then it happened again just this past friday - he was gone for the whole long weekend & I don't know when he'll come back. and even if he does I don't know if things are going to work between us - if his reed can't be fixed locally I'll have to take him into kansas city to be repaired. man, it's hard to love an accordion!

p.s. after dropping the accordion off at the repair shop I went thrifting & found that little gnome...haha universe, very funny.

update: once again my local repairman has come through & my accordion has been fixed! I like to think that by being completely over dramatic about the whole thing the universe took pity on me :)


Mern said...

The gnome was fate! You and your accordion are destined to be together. (at least accordions can't talk back and never leave the seat up!)

Rose Red said...

I'm so jealous! What a great find.

She Can't Decide said...

oh my goodness, I have the same gnome!! he was in much worse shape than your guy, so I painted mine! check him out:


Mom Walds Place said...

Oh the cruel irony of it all...at least until it's repaired.