Monday, December 14, 2009

vintage craft magazine month - day ten

some cute animals to hopefully brighten your monday:

{copyright 1969 McCall's 301 christmas make-it ideas}

{copyright 1964 McCall's christmas crafts in felt}

{copyright 1968 McCall's 317 christmas make-it ideas}


Lucinda said...

My mom knitted those 2-piece mitten sets for me!

I love that you posted this.

CeceK. said...

I have long been a fan of your blogging goodness. I am really loving your x mas posts! Some are disturbing (the deer head thing creeped me out) and some are just way too cool for school. Just totally inspiring and great. The fact that you take the time out to share all this is amazing. Thank you!

Charity said...

I love the stuffies or stuffed animals! I could so see those on Etsy soon.


Ribambins said...

Love this last picture! Thank you for sharing all this!

ejorpin said...

Oh I am absolutely loving your vintage craft magazine posts! Thank you!

The little fabric critters in the middle are my favourite, I want to make them all :)