Friday, November 20, 2009

counting the minutes

my mom arrives later this afternoon for her traditional thanksgiving visit...there is much eating, couch sitting, tv watching & crafting planned. I can't wait :)

{have a lovely weekend!}


Jill said...

I'm excited for you! ENJOY & see you soon.

Marigrafen said...

I love your blog! And the clock! Is it yours?

B Lines said...

It's always so great to see your mom, when you don't live close. I hope you enjoy your time together and have a great Thanksgiving! I really enjoy all your posts. Thanks for sharing your ideas and great finds.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Crafty Brooklyn Army Wife said...

Have a wonderful time!! I posted the same thing on my FB page and will be posting to my blog tomorrow too. We will be doing the same thing. Happy Thanksgiving!!

charles said...

where did you get this clock? i had one just like it when i was in high school only it was orange. if you still have it could you get the maker and any info off of it.