Tuesday, October 13, 2009

lucas, ks

we recently took a drive out to lucas, ks to see…

the grassroots art center:

{artwork by adolph hannemann}

the deeble rock garden:

the garden of isis/rebarb house:

{artwork by mri-pilar}

and the garden of eden:

all very interesting places, but I have to admit my favorite place was the laundromat...

because inside is where I took this photo, which for some reason I kind of love a lot:

{more photos of the town here}


Alli said...

Oh, I love the laundromat photo too; I want to curl up on that sofa!

The bum is nice, as well (hehe!).

Kristen J. said...

I really enjoy your blog, for many different reasons! I love embroidery and do many sewing projects in my spare time, but in my non-spare time, I work for the KS State Historical Society. I am involved in historic building preservation across the State of Kansas and I absolutely love your photography of our state and the buildings and details. I share and enjoy your eye for detail on buildings and spaces that are not the common "pretty buildings" that many people focus on. I would love to chat with you more on this, please feel free to contact me at kjohnston@kshs.org Thanks again for sharing your perspective and embroidery patterns!

Belle said...

Goodness, that laundromat really resembles a house! How unique. How comfortable to do laundry there.

I enjoy your photos of our great state of Kansas.