Thursday, August 13, 2009

thursday = embroidery

I hope you'll indulge me a little boasting about my sister priscilla & her wonderful cross-stitch today:

that's just one of the beautiful pieces she's done. what's even more amazing to me is her latest work, done for her doll-house!

her little cottage is so cute & it's even electrified!

she's worked so hard on it & made it so cozy :)

moving onto today's vintage embroidery pattern I've got weird little pigs for you!

I've put the full set on flickr, although they didn't scan great & I'm afraid I didn't have time to clean them up...sorry.

happy stitching!


Kitten's Lost Her Mittens said...

Oh, wow! What amazing inspiration for my own dollhouse. I have been planning for years to put electricity in, and still haven't done it. Now I can add miniature cross-stitch to the to-do list!

Alyssa said...

I had a dollhouse when I was a child and it got broken and was thrown away. :( I would give anything to have it back and get to do embroidery for it!

I think what is funny about that pig set is that the pigs clean and bake AFTER they have company...haha, you would think they would want everything to be nice for the visit, but no, not those pigs!

Martha said...

Those tiny dollhouse pictures are amazingly cute -- Obviously your mother's creative genes were passed on to Priscilla as well.

june at noon said...

What an amazing dollhouse! Now I want one--as if I have the time right now! :)

Lauri said...

I am in absolute awe of your sister's dollhouse! I bought one for myself about a year or so ago, and haven't touched it since I brought it home and put it in the closet because I'm afraid to mess something up. I need to just get started, I guess, and those adorable little cross stitchings would be a perfect place to start!

And thanks for always sharing with us every Thursday!