Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm back!

I spent part of my time away visiting my family which was so much fun! we're a loud & crazy bunch...there's lots of eating, drinking, game playing, some singing and dancing & this time even one instance involving the accidental discharge of a fire extinguisher :)

I wonder what my dad's parents would have thought had they been there:

{dad's the little one over there on the left}

or if my parents, as young newlyweds, ever imagined such boisterous family gatherings:

I'm not sure what our supposed ancestor {on my mother's side} anne boleyn would think of us:

however, I imagine my mother's grandfather who bit the head's off live chickens & ate glass as a street performer would have fit right in!

what I know for sure is that I love spending time with my family, especially my sisters:

even if they did think it was fun to do things like this to me when I was little:


Mern said...

Oh, Gina this is so sweet! You were such a doll, we couldn't resist dressing you up! And I forgot the garage used to have those strips on it! You're pulling on the heart strings of your sister-sending-her-baby-to-college. I think I'll cry!

Dawn said...

Sounds fun and we loved dressing my little sister up too!

reilly said...

wow, your mother is gorgeous!

countrymummy said...

Sounds like you had a fab time and great to see those fantastic photos. There's something about old photos. Just love'em.

Mickie said...

Welcome back and love the family pics!!!! :)

zoetropa said...

cute photos!

Liam said...

It is the nice pic i ever seen in my life.The are so attractive pics so you can never forget or you can never moves your eyes from it.