Monday, June 29, 2009

recently thrifted

from the thrift store:

from an estate sale:

from a church sale:

the first time I saw that chair at the thrift store it was sold...I was sad but also kind of relieved since the last thing the living room needs is another chair.

but on subsequent visits it was still there.

finally last weekend I looked at the tag & it said that it hadn't been picked up within the allotted time so it was back for sale. so I bought it. the orange cushions even match the chair I got last year, so I called it fate. although, I guess fate's just another word for no self control...


Crystal said...

Ha! I love the "fate's just another word for no self control". I have same "fate". :)

sewmuchfun4 said...

That IS a great quote! Love the collar and fabric on that blouse!

Alyssa said...

You are exactly right about the fate thing. I had the same experience within the last month. Our Salvation Army has 75% off days for seniors (which my mom is and i take advantage of!!) anyway one time we went to the thrift store and i saw these lamps that i LOVED.. well they would have been like $15 or so for the pair, so i made myself not buy them. and i said to myself "if they are still there on 75% off day i will buy them... " and they were.. so i bought them and have no place for them and they are sitting on my bedroom floor!

Busters Mom said...

That chair looks like one my mom had in her beauty shop when I was a kid. They sat under the hair dryers.

Anonymous said...

"Fate's just another word for no self control" profound thrifting statement!

I love this orange chair but the link to your previous chair is AMAZINGG, for 5 bucks? WOW.

So Happy to have found another avid thrifter!