Wednesday, January 7, 2009

a sampler

after the initials I moved onto a sampler:

I got the design from this book, which I picked up thrifting:

title: the sampler motif book with traditional cross-stitch designs & alphabets
author: Brenda Keyes
ISBN: 0895779188
copyright: 1995
publisher: The Reader’s Digest Association, Inc.

that went well, so I threw myself into another project which is in progress and will be for some time since there are many, many little x’s involved.

p.s. if you’re interested in the book amazon has used ones available.


Muddlepud said...

The sampler is nice. I like the subtlety. You've got the bug all right! :)

Busters Mom said...

The sampler is nice. I used to do cross stitch. But have gave it up for embroidery. But I like what you have discovered. Very nice. Simple looking.

Your dog and cat look like mine. My two boys like to sleep togeather or near each other from time to time. I think they forget they are cat and dog. lol.

Happy New year.

Sarah and Jack said...

Your color choices made something that could have looked very dated so beautiful and fresh. Love!

floresita said...

So beautiful! I became obsessed with collecting sampler books a few years ago but just can't get off my butt to stitch them. Yours is just lovely!

Casey said...

that a nice one!

bettyninja said...

I love the soft color choices.

Kirsty said...

I love how you're making cross-stitch look like a whole new concept! It's so much more chic done tone-on-tone like this...really beautiful. Thanks for inspiring.

mjhill said...

Hi! The sampler looks great! I was wondering where you find the black embroidery hoops though? Are you painting them or staining them? All I can ever find are the plain bamboo ones.

Early Bird Special said...

Your sampler looks great, Gina! I'm loving several of the patterns on the front of that book. I'll keep my eyes open for it.

I've really become fond of cross stitch lately. It's a nice change of pace from embroidery from time to time.

Quilting is also on my love list for '09.

g said...

thank you everyone - you're so sweet to take the time to leave these nice comments - I appreciate it so much!

mjhill - I paint the wood hoops black with craft paint :)

Claudia said...

this is beautiful! i recently purchase my first vintage ondori cross stitch sampler book and i love it! i'm still in the "can't stop staring at it" stage, hopefully i'll get to the "get to work" stage soon :)