Tuesday, January 20, 2009

recently thrifted

I had every intention of blogging yesterday but the draw of the couch & my embroidery was too strong. {I had the day off from work}

p.s. please indulge me one more photo of the dog looking better in my new vintage sunglasses than I ever will:



AlwaysInspired said...

I LOVE vintage sunglasses! I have a pair I blogged too! Those are fab!

countrymummy said...

I've been reading you for a while now from over here in the UK and am sooooo jealous of all your thrifty finds. Our charity shops have started stocking new items and vintage fabrics, books and bits and bobs just seem to have disappeared. You have a great eye. If I ever take a trip stateside, I'd like some insider tips!

Laura-IH said...

I love that dog! It's so tolerant! : )

rustandroses said...

My kids can't get enough of the dog with glasses...neither can I! Adorable!!!