Thursday, December 11, 2008

thursday = embroidery

I've got some WIP sneak peeks to share today of embroidered items that are going to be up in the shop this weekend:

I also wanted to direct you to a wonderful embroidered quilt that one of the visitors here made: q is for quilter

Martha contacted me awhile back offering to trade vintage fabric & coloring books for scans from one of the coloring books I had shared here. she sent me a box full of amazing treasures and then made a beautiful quilt with the scans I sent her - isn't it wonderful?!

and lastly, here is today's embroidery transfer:

if you go to my flickr embroidery transfer set you can get all 4 sample designs.

{happy stitching!}


Average Jane Crafter said...

just quit! These sneak peeks are killing me! They look like more amazing projects. I am so in love with your style - you mix all my favorite elements, and all the things you do are *heavenly*. Keep it up! :)

Laura-IH said...

Whoa! Are those Dresden Plates with embroidered centers? How do you think of these things? What a cool idea!

Kirsten said...

I stitched one of the transfers for a pincushion.
You can see it here.
Thank's for a very cute pattern.