Wednesday, August 13, 2008

wednesday = books

today's book {well really, I guess its a pamphlet since its stapled and only 5.25" x 4.25"} is:

title: My Friend the Cow
copyright: 1946 {my copy is the 1964 reprint}
author/illustrator: Lois Lenski
publisher: National Dairy Council, Chicago


valerie said...

i'm so glad you posted this book! i have it in my classroom (left by another teacher) and i always gravitate towards it because the illustrations are just so charming. the colors make me melt!

Patty said...

I love the pictures!

KR said...

ahh!! SO cute!!! :)


~Reclaiming The Home

Anonymous said...

I love Lois Lenski! Thanks for posting that--the pictures make me happy!

Leah said...

Love the colors!

Anonymous said...

The kids books you show are just adorable. I'm dying to trace one and embroider it! x

kristin said...

ahhhh.... Lois Lenski, one of my all time favs.

Gumbo Lily said...

I love children's books myself, and this one looks like one to have on my Grammy Shelf.