Thursday, June 12, 2008

thursday = embroidery

Happy embroidery day!

Before I get to this week’s pattern I wanted to share a lovely gift I got in the mail last week from my mom’s friend K:

Aren’t they great! She sent a big pile of stamped linens & other assorted neat things, how lucky am I?! I know she sometimes reads the blog so I’d like to send out a big THANK YOU to her!

For today’s pattern I have selected a sheet from the batch I got last weekend:

It was loose & doesn’t have any mention of a manufacturer printed on it…anyone have an idea of its pedigree?

I don’t have many asian themed patterns so I was pretty excited when I discovered it. I thought it might be nice on a tea towel...

Have a lovely evening!

p.s. I am still doing embroidery, cross {stitch} my heart! I actually have a finished project to share but have to wait until it’s given before I can post photos. And I’ve started a new project, but it’s going to take quite awhile because it’s a rather large & detailed image {plus I’m a slow stitcher!}. I was thinking about joining in on the Feeling Stitchy banner contest but just don’t have time right now…but you should totally do it!


Drewzel said...

Yay! What a great haul! Any chance of a can of that "east or west home is best sampler"? purty please??
I haven't seen the Asian lady pattern before, but she is very lovely.

Heather said...

oh, I love the asian lady! The only asian patterns I have seen are in vogart 188, but I know this isn't from that pattern. check viki's patterns over at pattern bee, she always lists the pattern source for the ones she sells.

Anonymous said...

Lovely pattern. I've not seen it before either.

jenniferofthejungle said...

What a beautiful pattern! Thanks so much for sharing this loveliness.