Monday, June 23, 2008

monday = thrifted

I’m so happy you liked the bookplates – thank you for your comments of appreciation, they all made me smile! One even made me almost cry…Catty who remembered them from her childhood & who now will use them for her children – so sweet.

The weekend was quiet, sale wise. I only bought a couple things & spent a mere dollar.

Two coloring books for 50 cents:

This wee little guy for 50 cents:

{I’m not sure what to do with him but couldn’t not get him}

There was also another 31 aprons photo-shoot, Here are two out-takes:

{To see the latest 7 photos just click here.}

And just so the girl cat didn't feel left out I made her do a photo too:


Leslie said...

I think you should do more photo ops with the cat.:)

Amy said...

Love the gnome and mushroom!

AJ Bindel said...

I'm in love with the picture of the birds and the birdhouse! That would be a great embroidery pattern.

Anonymous said...

You are really creative! I love the cat photo and I think your "Dog in Aprons" would make a great calendar for dog lovers. You could even include the pattern for the featured apron each month!!

Claire said...

The mushroom is fab - having a bit of a mushroom obsession recently. I also agree - the cat should faeture more in shoots (although they can be slippery blighters when trying to get them to pose - it was obviously the pictures of the birds that have captured her imagination there!x

Anonymous said...

You crack me up!!!

Geek+Nerd said...

Your little gnome would be perfect in a terrarium, like this one: