Tuesday, February 19, 2008

tuesday = fabric

Hello new visitors who are dropping by via how about orange’s link!

Or via flygirls where doe-c-doe was the link of the day!

And hello to returning visitors too – of course!

{I'm heavy on the exclamation points today...sorry. But I can't help it - its fun to have new people drop by and to be honored with mentions on cool blogs...!}

Since Tuesday is all about the fabric swatches here goes…

{There are a couple more on flickr if you’re interested.}

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow for book day!

p.s. I’m definitely going to be doing some more pdfs for you to download in the near future…I got some ideas for other items I’d like to try! {Please remember that these are for your personal use only - they should not be used to sell or be included in any item that is sold.}

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Teresa @ good-grace said...

Found via HowAboutOrange.... I just love your blog! Loving these fabrics... something about the vintage textile designs. Yummy!