Thursday, January 24, 2008

thursday = embroidery

So this pattern isn’t particularly special or hard to find I think…but I picked it for my mom because I didn’t think she’d like the human/vegetable mutants that I prefer for embroidered kitchen towels. Plus it’s a long, dark winter where she lives and I hoped these would brighten it a little for her.

I found the {vintage?} towels at an estate sale for a couple bucks. I’ve started keeping a look out for good towels to embroidery on after I realized that they are hard to find at stores. At least the kind I like, which these are an excellent example of – vintage looking, cotton, little bit of color & lots of room for the embroidered design.

I had four towels, so picked the 3 floral designs and then threw in the fruit basket to round out the group. In hindsight I should have done the wine bottle, since my family isn’t afraid of the vino and we grew up on the homemade stuff my Dad made.

I kept the colors simple by making the flowers two shades of the same color and I like the way that looks – simple, yet colorful. I put a little design on the other end of the towel too, which is what you see in the photo there at the top.

My mom sent us two tins of cookies at xmas so I’m going to put these in the empty tins and send them back to her. I was very proud of myself coming up with this idea – I felt bad sending the tins back empty but I’m not big on baking cookies so this was a good compromise I think. Now I wish I had bought some xmas tins when they were on clearance since I love the idea of giving a tin stuffed with embroidered towels to people. They will expect cookies and hopefully be pleasantly surprised by the towels {fewer calories!}. Plus, I think if you’re giving them to someone who bakes you cookies every year, you know they spend a lot of time in the kitchen and will appreciate something decorative to look at. The bonus is they will have a tin to fill with cookies for you in exchange!

I’ve been thinking of a couple new embroidery projects to start working on now that this one is done. I’m excited but nervous about them since I want to try some new things and I’m not sure exactly how I will execute them…

Oh wow – I just found this embroidery book resource via angry chicken…this could be dangerous!


jen v said...

i found a bunch of vogart patterns while i was in an antique store this past weekend. i thought of you. none of them were as cute as the ones you post.

Rebekah said...

That is a wonderful idea. I know I would love to get back a tin filled with embroidered towels.

Thanks for sharing these. I bought this pattern in a large lot but all that was inside were the single veggies and fruit. Now I can add 2 more to my collection. Thanks.

Claire said...

Your towels are lovely - I really like the idea of something being a surprise when you open it up - I went to the vets once with my cats and there was a guy who had a budgie in a cream cake box! And who could fail to like the towels when they are pretty like that!

bettyninja said...

It is so amazing how cheaply you can find embroidery at yard sales. People just don't care about it anymore it seems. So much harder to find embroidery patterns though. That is why it is so wonderful that you are sharing your with us all.

Anonymous said...

Very nice!! Love them!! I especially like the one yellow towel with the pinkish flowers! Pink is my favorite!!

Thanks so much for sharing.