Monday, January 21, 2008

monday = thrifted

Did you have a nice weekend? As usually, mine was too short and I didn’t accomplish everything I had planned. However, today I have off from work so I have big plans for a long list of to do’s. I’ve gotten up early and already gotten a start so I’m feeling optimistic…

I need to get going on that list, so just a quick post to introduce Tiki Cat and his new friend Penguin.

I bought Tiki Cat at an estate sale for $5 this past summer. He’s marked made in Canada on the bottom. He’s crazy looking and that’s what we like about him! Penguin I got this weekend at the local thrift store for $4. He’s made of something heavy, although I don’t think its cement. There’s nothing on him that indicates where he was made and I don’t know if he’s old or new but I still think he’s fun.

There’s definitely an animal theme at our house. I love having real animals and then these sort of odd faux animals mixed together in the house.

I’m working on several things to share this week that I’m excited about. Embroidery Thursday I have a vogart pattern and actually stitched examples of 4 of the designs since I finally finished a xmas present for my mom. Then on Friday I’ve got a thrift re-style project in the works. Nothing fancy but I’m kind of excited about how it might turn out. I’m at that point in the project where it could go either way, either be very cool or just ridiculous looking and a waste of time…I’m keeping my fingers crossed for very cool. {I should probably have a plan B post ready to put into action if this whole thing goes south!}

Okay, I’m off to accomplish an amazing amount of stuff {fingers crossed} – hope you have a great day.

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bettyninja said...

I hope you accomplished your amazing amount of stuff. you make me laugh. I love your faix animal family. Super cute.