Wednesday, March 23, 2011

seattle, wa - part 2

of course there was some shopping...for instance at an antique mall:

and archie mcphees:

where my sister bought not one but two pairs of squirrel underpants...because you know you need the boy & girl version :)


Katy said...

WOW, I would love those hanging scissors! They look huge? I WANT!


laura woods said...

i love your seattle pics! (and seattle/northwest in general). esp. love the mannequins and bacon :)

another band with accordion stylings -- ghost of the saber tooth tiger -- sean lennon and charlotte kemp muhl -- check out their tiny desk concert on npr sometime (or listen to it while you work maybe)

Unknown said...

oh you did get there!! hehe missed this post..its amazing isnt it!!:)

Melissa said...

We're headed to Seattle this weekend. Where's this awesome-looking antique mall? Thankx!