Tuesday, March 22, 2011

seattle, wa - part 1

I had a great little visit to seattle, wa last week with two of my sisters - it was my first time there & I really liked it!

we saw a variety of things which I'll be sharing photos of the rest of the week..starting today with museums.

burke museum

I'm including the public library building because it really was a work of art & as interesting to look at from the inside as the outside:

the embossed wood floors in the lobby were so cool:

seattle art museum

the nick cave exhibit was so much fun! I love that he finds many of the materials he uses at the thrift store :) sadly photos were prohibited...I did snap this in the elevator though:


Martha said...

I'm so glad you and your sisters enjoyed your visit to our city -- I love your photos and I'm looking forward to Seattle, Part 2.

Kel said...

oh!! how wonderful! tell me more, we are going to seattle this fall! What are the best places and such!

Rachael said...

those pictures almost make me want to live there again...but not quite:) the native american designs are so beautiful!

Crooked Sister said...

I love the Seattle Art Museum. It has to be one of my favorite musuems in the U.S. It's so well curated!
Loving the totem pole photos.

Anonymous said...

Great photos - looks like a fab place to visit! xxx

Ana said...

I noticed your picture of the needle! When i first saw it i thought it was the jetsons house, yanno from the cartoon. I love seattle!

P.SCheck out my blog!

Kitsch and Curious said...

Wow, wow and wow! I had never heard of Nick Cave (well, not this one!) and I had to find out more about those amazing costumes. They look stunning - I wish I lived nearer!