Friday, December 10, 2010

I think the dog's over it...

I mean, I know my playing has a very long way to go, but he doesn't even seem impressed with my use of a seasonal prop or my bedazzled skirt! who wouldn't love a thrifted felt skirt with gold butterflies & rhinestone accents?

well, possibly he's just mad he didn't get to wear something special...maybe next time :)

{have a wonderful weekend!}


mixette said...

Dog may be unimpressed, but you are getting really good! And who doesn't love a good seasonal outfit and vintage snowman prop.

Claudia said...

aww... that's ok, i think you're doing great! i love watching your videos. and that is one snazzy skirt! :)

Alyssa said...

Oh my! This is so funny you would post a video playing your accordian today! last night on the news there was a segment about an accordian player and I was going to send you the link!

I played your video and not knowing what I was listening to, my mom said "Oooh! I like that!" So we talked about you learning to play and she said "Well, she is doing really well!" Then I informed her that I was going to make her play Christmas songs this year and she just laughed.. hmm I wonder if that was a yes laugh or a no laugh! I will let you know! :) If she does, maybe I can take a video of her!

Keep up the good work, you really are doing fantastic!

gina said...

aww - thanks so much for your comments - I really appreciate the encouragement!

I hope you get your mom to play for christmas alyssa & please thank her for saying I was doing well :)

I've got plans for some more snazzy seasonal videos, I hope you like them...I know the dog's not going to though because they involve him wearing stuff, haha!

next door Laura said...

You might appreciate the photo of a photo (scroll down you'll know which one I am talking about) from an exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art last February.

Apparently yours are not the only pets who do not recognize true talent.

Play on.

Love your skirt.

next door Laura said...

Oops. Try this:

a blog about the little things said...

eep! watching that video just made my morning complete.
poor pup just needs a little bedazzling & he'll feel more inspired to sway to the music.
p.s. best skirt ever!