Thursday, August 14, 2008

thursday = embroidery

while home visiting my family I took photos of some of my mom's embroidered handiwork to share:

I believe she said she made these when she was in her late teens. I think they're so sweet & love that I inherited her embroidery gene!

for today's embroidery pattern I've selected Superior 155:

{just as the title indicates, these designs are small. I scanned them in at actual size so you might need to enlarge them.}


Drewzel said...

ooh I love these designs! thanks!

lewmew said...

I meant to post last week - love the Scotties and the way you had it laid out made me think I'm going to adapt it to have more than one of those balls leading to a thought bubble - not sure what they'll think but I bet it has to do with bacon!


Anonymous said...
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