Monday, June 16, 2008

monday = thrifted

Well, that was a nice weekend - again, I tried to really focus & get things done…and it worked!

I did go to two estate sales, but I practiced restraint & only spent $7, which got me the following:

I also took more photos of the dog wearing more of the 31 aprons, if you’d like to see them click here.

My favorite of the bunch is definitely number 9!


Unknown said...

omg! that wreath! score.

Drewzel said...

Ooooh, Christmas wreath!
And I laughed and laughed at the dog pics.

Anonymous said...

I agree, the wreath is amazing. Well done.

Your dog. omg. Have you seen the site "cats in sinks"? Well, I think a new site is in the making, "dogs in aprons". Hilarious.

bettyninja said...

Nice work with the restraint! I have absolutely none normally. I've been trying for months to simplify and get rid of stuff and have been basically filling it back up just as fast- yikes!

Not much for me in the rummage realm this past weekend. But lots of good pickings for next.

As always, your model is the best! Such a sweet dog.

Custom Made said...

Hi there,

Love your blog and the dog in the aprons just did it for me!! I had to write about it...

Anna, CM

Anonymous said...

i read your blog regularly but i never really comment, but i just had to comment on this one, i love it!

your dog in those aprons is so cute and funny! what a good sport he is! reminds me of my family's first dog, a dear beagle collie mix named huey.

anyway, i just wanted to let you know how cute those dog in apron pictures are!

Unknown said...

your dog is a supermodel! funniest damn thing i've seen in ages!

Rachel said...

Great stuff!