Sunday, May 25, 2008

more marie claire idees

Are you having a nice weekend? I hope so...mine has been great so far!

As promised, here are some more images from the latest issue of Marie Claire Idees:

I couple people have asked where I get mine - I actually bought a subscription through amazon. I have not had any sort of problem with the subscription and I've had it for a couple years {knock on wood}. It is pricey - personally I request amazon giftcards as presents for xmas & my birthday specifically with this subscription in mind.

The Borders by me carries single issues - I have also seen it sold at other Borders in different states where we use to live. They only get a couple issues though so depending on where you live they might sell out quickly. They are pricey there as well - over $10 per issue I believe.

I have kept every issue I ever got my hands on...I should get one of those fire resistant lock boxes for them!

Well, I'm off to continue the weekend - take care!


Sarah and Jack said...

I still havent bitten the subscription bullet yet. But soon. Maybe.

I tried begging our Borders to carry it, but it was a no go. :-(

Drewzel said...

Oooh the boat in a dome! Squee!

Unknown said...

How gorgeous! Makes me want to brush up on my forgotten 2 semesters of french.

hanna said...

Great mag (I still haven't spent my amazon voucher! - I am TERRIBLE at making decisions!!!)