Tuesday, April 1, 2008

tuesday = fabric


Today I’m going to share some vintage quilt squares I bought last summer. I don’t remember what I paid but seem to recall that they were in a box of scraps & I didn’t realize what they were until I got home and sorted through everything.

They are not in great condition, they have lots of stains, but I kind of like that about them.

They are just begging to be used to make something. {you know what I’m thinking don’t you?!}

Thanks for all the nice comments about my love birds…it was a really fun, easy project. In fact, I’m going to do another one very soon since over the weekend I found another of the exact same covered dishes at the same thrift store where I bought the first one. Plus, I’ve got a ton of that {very messy, which I forgot to mention} moss leftover…

One more thing…check out yet another amazing creation at house on hill road.


andrea said...

i found your blog today and just love it. i am particularly interested to see more of your trift findings and stash of vintage fabric :). will come back.cheers !

Amy said...

You find the coolest projects!

Claire said...

What lovely bits of fabric - I really envy the craft stores you have in the US - we don't have anything like bords nests and fake birds or anything overe here.

Julie said...

Those are beautiful. We have my grandmother's quilt squares framed on embroidery hoops.

Cindibee said...

Oh what lovely squares! I just love vintagey quilt blocks. There are so many nice reproduction prints out there, but nothing compares to the originals.

Can't wait to see more!