Wednesday, January 16, 2008

wednesday = books

Happy book day! Today I’m combining my love for books with my love for embroidery.

Speaking of embroidery love, first I need to talk about how bad I want this alphabet ! I love wood, I love the alphabet, I love embroidery and I love what I could do with these!

Okay, need to fan myself a bit and get back to books. Vintage Ondori books to be precise.

Title: Embroidery for Children’s Clothing
Author: Ondori
Copyright: 1977
Flowers & Things
Amusing Animals
From the Toy Chest
Delightful Vehicles
Puzzles in Figures
What’s your Name
The Alphabet
Lovely Border Patterns
Gifts for your Baby
For Naughty Children
At the Kindergarten
Grade School Children
For the stylish Teen-agers

Title: Ondori Embroidery #3
Author: Ondori
Copyright: 1974
Dandy Flowers
Pleasing Geometric Pattern
Lovely Imagination in a Fair-tale World
Fine Initial
Fantasy of Flowers
Various Kinds of Stitch

I bought both these books on eBay because sometimes, no matter how much the thrift goddess loves you, she will keep certain things from you. When it comes to me she keeps Vintage Ondori books far away on eBay and never at the thrift store for $1.50. But that’s okay because there’s eBay and sometimes I get lucky and actually win something instead of lose it to that evil program that lets people outbid you with 4 seconds to go! Again, I’m getting a little overexcited – sorry.

Tomorrow is more embroidery so please come back and maybe you’ll get excited about the vogart pattern I’ve got for you!

Oh, and one more thing…here’s a picture of the girl cat sleeping in the sun for those of use who had dreary days that were all overcast, cold and wet.


Unknown said...

Thanks for introducing me to now one more thing I need to search eBay for! *smile* oh and wanted to say hi I just came across your blog!

bettyninja said...

I love the Ondori patterns. I've never heard of them! They look just like the kind of embroidery I like. I recently scored some cool children's books at a rummage. I will try to scan those in this weekend too.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate ebay snipers! Drives me nuts.. I get so excited thinking im gonna win and then 3 seconds (and not enough time for me to refresh) im outbid :(

Kristen Broad said...

The beautiful approach of embroidery for children.