Tuesday, January 15, 2008

tuesday = fabric

This summer there was a house in our neighborhood that had a sale over several weekends. I believe the mother was moving in with her daughter or to Florida, or both. I went the first weekend and bought a bunch of stuff since the prices were very reasonable. I saw the sign again a couple times but didn't have time to stop, then it had been so long since the first time that when I saw the sign I thought it must be for a different house. But when I got there it was the same house and I thought "you've already been there...you should use your time for something important, like eating cheese". But then I thought, "wait a minute, you could take a quick look and still go home and eat cheese" so I went in and found this quilt for $11.

When I picked it up the older lady who was there said that she had made it from fabric swatch books and that it was nice and heavy and would be very warm. And that's what we love about this quilt, the weight is perfect and we have used it every night since it got cold.

The other thing I love about it is how there are several different color-ways of each pattern. Its so interesting to see how color can affect a pattern and your reaction to it. Here is {one} of my favortie patterns in several different color-ways - enjoy!

I wish I had asked her when she made it...I'm thinking the 70's?

{I'm posting some different patterns in the vintage fabric flickr group if you're intersted}


jen v said...

what a great find! love the colorways she used.

Patty said...

I love looking at the same fabric in different colors. Now, you have me wanting to eat some cheese.

bettyninja said...

I'm glad you decided to stop in and still eat cheese. Us ladies need our priorities right? Anyway, what a lovely quilt...I can never, ever pass up a handmade quilt no matter when it was made. Your story made me LOL