Monday, January 14, 2008

monday = thrifted

Well, that was a quick weekend! Whoosh and it was gone... Well, I guess there'll be another one at the end of this week to look forward to.

We finally got all the xmas things packed up and put away. Which means the mantle had to be re-styled. I was looking forward to this the whole time the tree was being taken apart, the ornaments were nestled in their newly acquired special tupperware and the beaded garland was repeatedly untangled. It was my reward after the vacuuming up of the last of the needles.

After I got it to where I was mostly happy with it I realized that almost every item was purchased used, either at the thrift store, antique mall or estate sale. The only new items are the candles.

The horse reminds me of Jonathan Adler but is from the thrift store and was $1.50. The deer were bought as a set from an estate sale on the last day at 50% off, I believe they were either $3 or $6. The vases are from the thrift store and were $1.50 each.

The candleholders were $1.50 at an estate sale, again a 50% off estate sale item. And the tree is one of a pair we bought at an antique mall and was by far the most expensive item at $15.

Man, I love the thrill of finding these little "treasures". Its so interesting to watch someone else at a sale or the thrift store - how they pass over something that makes your heart beat faster and you think how, how could you not see how amazing that is?! But at the same time you're so relieved they didn't touch it because it was meant for you...the fates have put you here at this exact moment, when everything is 50% off because you are meant to have that.

{Just a quick shout out to my mom...who might be visiting from my sister's computer. I hope you like the blog and that I didn't miss your visit. Leave a comment...}


jen v said...

simple and lovely!

bettyninja said...

I love your display! I also really like the little twig. It is fun to bring outside in.

floresita said...

Your sense of style is just gorgeous! I have a feeling your blog will have lots of fans!