Friday, January 25, 2008

friday = misc.

Last night I started work on a new embroidery project. I was really happy with the prep on it since it went smoothly {I hate the prep step} and I was getting excited until I actually started to embroidery. Ouch. OUCH. I don’t know what I was thinking…embroidering through something other than fabric. But it looks cool and I want to keep going – even with sore fingers.

This week I managed to get something done that has been on my list for awhile…framing some prints I purchased from theblackapple. I love these so much and could kick myself for taking so long to do this.

I bought the double frame at the thrift store {couple bucks} and the other frame was in a free cart at another thrift store. I had been looking for just the right frames and was really happy with these - only problem was that they are small and the prints wouldn’t fit.

So I scanned the prints and resized them – so not the same quality as the originals but at least I can see them now instead of having them packed away.

And after only a week I actually finished a project – I tend to drag these things out for some reason. I bought this framed squirrel at the thrift store last weekend {$1.50} because I thought I could do something with it & because I like squirrels.

I cut it up to create a double mat, then covered one in wood-grain contact paper and the other in a scrap-booking dot paper. Painted the frame and there you go. I think its kind of fun…

So in addition to the new embroidery projects I alluded to yesterday here are photos of two more thrifted items I have plans for re-styling. The idea being maybe if I post it here I will be more likely to actually complete them…we’ll see.

Bettyninja tagged me – my first one, I’m so flattered! I need to think about it a little before I post it though, maybe a special weekend post is in order?

Hope you have a lovely weekend! {I’ve got a hankering to go thrifting personally, then again when don’t I?!}


Hello Cupcake said...

Oh I just wanted to tell you I read your blog daily, I am loving it :D

jen v said...

the framed pics look great. i love the thrifted starburst one.

bettyninja said...

Those prints are hauntingly interesting. I will have to check out her stuff. The squirrel is a great find too!

Megan Rose said...

The double frame is completely divine - great work thrifting that one! And the pictures are absolutely perfect in it.

Anonymous said...

wow. those frames are so awesome. what a great find

Jane said...

I found your blog through flickr. Having the best evening looking through your posts and lovely pictures!