Monday, February 3, 2014

home sweet home week - day 1

to say I love my house is an understatement…I know how lucky I am to have been at the right place at the right time & to have the opportunity to live in such a special place.  I'm also quite proud of the fact that it is pretty much entirely decorated with things I have thrifted :)

this week I'd like to share some snippets of it with you…starting with the garage.

yeah, the garage.

not usually a place I suppose everyone wants to share but I quite like mine!


Sarah said...

Oh man, my garage is tragic. What a mess of kid crap.

I never got around to replying to your email but the 127 sale is mostly in Kentucky (the most beautiful part if you ask me) and Tennessee. Since it is a back country highway it is pretty damn amazing and totally worth doing. Be prepared for crazy ass drivers though! LOL

Craftcherry said...

I love your garage. I wish mine was filled with such wonderful treasures...maybe it is and I just can't see them. ;o)